Create Chat Rooms

To create your a chat room, visit the home page and scroll down until you see the CREATE NEW CHAT ROOM button.

Click on it and you will be presented with the “Create Chat Room” window. In the General Tab, Please fill all the required fields and click on the Submit button.

  • Name – Room name to be publicly shown in the system
  • Description – Room description to be publicly shown in the system
  • Slug – This will be URL slug of your room where yours will see on their browsers
  • Is password protected? – You can make the room password protected by clicking on this and providing a PIN.
  • Is visible to everyone? – You can create a hidden room by clicking on this. Public users will not see this room unless you share the direct link to it.
  • Cover image – Upload a cover image to be shown in the front end of the website.
  • Status – You can either Activate or Deactivate rooms by using this feature.